Panicking about money right now?

Do you feel like maybe now is the right time to take a good hard look at your savings? 
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Panicking about money?

Do you feel like maybe now is the right time to take a good hard look at your savings? 

We think so, too.


What can Toujours Planning do for you?

As the great Biggie Smalls once said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.”  But we at Toujours Planning believe it doesn’t have to be like that. Our financial planning services can offer the support and wealth management you need to:  

✔️ Create stability for yourself 
✔️ Create stability for your family
✔️ Create stability for your future

✔️ Fund you next passion project
✔️ Create lasting impact 
✔️ Build a legacy that lasts

✔️ Take that 6 month sabbatical
✔️ Sustain your work-optional lifestyle
✔️ Save for a rainy day — or that Tesla

Get your financial life together 

Build on your 
existing wealth 

Find that elusive work/life balance

With our Toujours Planning Wealth Management service, you get more than a comprehensive financial plan—you get resources and support that evolve as much as you do.

Our clients have complete access to the Toujours team, including Dustin R. Granger & Danielle Granger Nava, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, as well as:

💰 Financial + Life Plan meetings (in person or online)
⏰ 24/7 access to our online planning software
📞 Regular check-up phone calls
✌️ Two service options based on your needs

Curious? We thought so. 

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