Are you ready to chart a course to true financial independence

Is it time you leverage a customized financial plan, expert investment strategies, and a team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals?

With both of our financial planning options, you’ll receive an in-depth financial plan that shows you which strategies you can use to potentially build wealth, establish freedom, and make more of a difference. You’ll also get resources and support that evolve as much as you (and your business) do.

Curious about what it’d be like to work with us?

We thought so. Here’s how our Dream. Design. Do. process works for all of our wealth management clients:

🤑 Net worth evaluation

💸 Inflows/outflows evaluation

😎 Developing your personal vision 

🎯 Identifying your true life goals

💯 Uncovering your motivations 

🗓 Establishing a timeline for your goals

Let’s get dreamy. 

During our early convos, we walk our clients through the different goals they have for their life + money — and we get just as excited as they do. As we talk and fill out our workbooks, we’ll cover things like: 

📈 Investment risk assessment & profile

💃 Investment strategy recommendations & implementation

🌴 Retirement account assessments 

✍️ Insurance Planning

🗒 Loans & Debt Assessment

🗓Customized savings plan (aka your Bucket Strategy)

💡 A Back-Up Life Bank plan aka “BULB” plan

🔗 Legacy planning & wealth transfer

Next, we’ll design a plan.

Together, we’ll take all those dreams, mix it up with our financial planning expertise, and turn it into a financial life plan. Depending on your individual needs and goals, that financial life plan may include:

💰 Ongoing investment management

💬Virtual or in-person meetings at your convenience 

🗺 Plan updates as your life and money change

✅ Systems & automations to implement

🏆 Action & reward plan checklist 

📞 Regular check-ins from our team

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Service for friends & family

Finally, it’s time to make it do.

After all that dreaming and planning, we work with you to make sure your financial life plan gets done so you can reach your big, dreamy goals. This includes:

Invest $350,000 or more with us, and you’ll pay a 1% flat fee for assets under management. 

Don’t have $350,000 — or anywhere close? That’s cool, too. You can recruit our full-service financial planning service (minus actual investing) for a one-time upfront fee of $1,497 and $149/mo ongoing. If you do decide to invest, it will only be a 1% additional fee to manage those investments.

The best part? When you hit $350,000 in invested assets, we drop your monthly fee and you’ll only pay the 1% fee! Pretty neat, right?

Uh, what exactly is fee-based advising? Check out our FAQ

But what’ll it “cost” me? 

If you’re ready for our help in creating the freedom + security you crave in life, we’d love to talk to you. We are here to help you make the most of your hard-earned cash… and figure out what the future looks like for you.

Ready to create your blueprint to real wealth? 

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